Monday Math Day vs Zombies

6:36 PM

Today was Monday Math Day. Recently we surprised our son with a tablet of his own. OH JOY OF JOYS, he now has something to play Plants vs Zombies on...instead of my phone!

The tablet is mostly used for educational purposes, so today he enjoyed a great game called 'Math vs Zombies', where you must solve math problems correctly and in a timely manner in order to turn the zombies back into normal kids. (Don't fret mamas, this isn't gorey at all.)

Math Vs Zombies - screenshot thumbnail

After a few levels of Math vs Zombies we went on to counting money using another great app called 'Freefall Money - Coin Math' where upon after each level completed they can choose a prize to add to their virtual aquarium. I had no idea this was part of it at first, but we were rather excited about it since we are coral reef keepers here in our household.

Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail Freefall Money - Coin Math - screenshot thumbnail

He had so much fun with this one and couldn't wait to finish each level and get prizes for his aquarium.

Let us know what you think of the apps listed!

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