Free State Notebooking Pages eBook from The Happy Housewife

8:00 AM

Here is a really great resource from The Happy Housewife, a free state notebooking pages e-bookThe ebook contains notebooking pages for each state within the United States that can be used with any geography or American History curriculum or as a stand alone unit studying details about each of our 50 states.The first page of the eBook includes a generic form that can be used for all 50 states if you want your child to draw each state. 
The remaining pages (one for each state) include an outline of each state on the bottom part of the page for students to color and/or label.
Free State Notebooking Pages eBook at The Happy Housewife
On the top part of each page, students fill in information such as capital, state bird, flower, tree, etc., and a place to draw the flag (or they could always print one out and cut and paste).
This PDF is bookmarked so you can find and jump to whichever state you want. This eBook would be a great addition to a study of US or state geography.

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