Field Trips

6:02 PM

One of the great things about home schooling is that you can plan field trips around family vacations or day trips. With a simple Internet search you can locate lots of educational things to do together as a family no matter where you are going. Our son loves reefs and sharks so we turned his 7th birthday into a field trip to the Ripley's Aquarium where they had a lot of hands on interactives for kids as well as factoids, videos and the like. And by using our home school I.D. card the 3 of us got in for the price of 1 adult admission. Make sure to call ahead or check the website for home school discounts. Some places offer it daily, other places do a "home school day" once a month.
Dinner time is a great way for families to connect and share. Even something as simple as a family dinner at a local restaurant can become a great learning experience about different foods from other cultures. (i.e. Mexican, Chinese, Thai, German, etc.)
So talk to one another and learn something new no matter where you go!

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