Viking Longboat Activity

6:16 PM

Today we are learning about VIKINGS! We're watching NOVA's 'Secrets of the Viking Sword' which is available on Netflix, and making a Viking Longboat! We will also take a virtual tour of a Viking Village and Farmhouse. You can also write your name in Runes. You can find a five-part complete lesson plan on the Vikings from Ireland. It has good discussion questions, more activity suggestions and some primary source material is included.
You can keep the younger viking(s) busy with a Leif Ericsson coloring page.
You're now ready to set sail on your Viking voyage!

Here is our finished Viking Longboat!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm a Norwegian-language teacher in Portland, OR, and am always looking for good Viking material for my students.

  2. You're welcome. Hope they enjoy this activity as much as we did!